Monday, 24 September 2012



~Tony Riley edges forward on a feeding trout during the dense hatch~

A welcome respite in our horrible weather allowed Eden tributaries to drop just enough for a cast or two.  Richard Tong, Tony Riley and I were quick out of the blocks to take advantage.  Admittedly, we were greeted with high-ish  water, but of more concern was its cold temperature, would this have knocked any lateP1010746 season hatches or fish activity?  By 1pm all was quiet, except for one 12 inch fish that took a fancy to my olive Klinkhamer. Thirty minutes later someone had flicked that proverbial switch as suddenly trout were going bonkers to tiny stoneflies and olive duns.  If that wasn’t enough, terrestrials too tumbled to the surface.  Knowing rain was forecast the three of us made hay in this brief window.  A number of our fish topped 2lb the best of them a 2lb 14oz (18.5 inches) beauty which fell to Richard.  So focused were we, none of use cared to I.D. the exact upwinged species hatching, what better excuse for a return visit!  However, we’ll have to bide our time as heavy rain is lifting levels once more…

~One of the better trout taken in that magical window~