Saturday, 15 September 2012

Survived Unscathed…


Thursday dawned with storm clouds clogging the horizon.  As we prepared for Westmorland County show held close to Kendal with so many events falling victim to summer rains it was touch and go as the whether Westmorland went the same way?  Despite a deluge the day before, thankfully a strengthening westerly kept rain clouds at bay, encouraging organisers to go ahead.  Though demonstrating fly casting into a swirling wind kept me on my toes.  Catching up with old friends was far better fun, especially when you bump into folk like Ken Harrison who I happened to be sharing a stand with.  His fly tying kept the crowds entertained throughout the day and we even made it off the show ground without our cars being bogged down.






~Ken Harrison about to embark on another one of his wonderful creations (note the silver dish in the foreground)~






~A close up of said dish, which contains Ken’s hook collection and is best described as a “tangle of iron”.  No wonder he’s known as Captain Chaos…