Friday, 7 September 2012

Ants, only half the story!

Our second visit to the Ribnik turned out to be a day few will forget.  Not only were ants on the menu, but come 11.30am, Blue winged-olives decided to put in an appearance beyond our wildest dreams.  By noon the surface was littered with duns and fish could be seen topping from bank to bank.  A quick change to slender CdC shuttlecock type flies or the Pearly Butt version had us back in business.  Of course, with such a dense hatch in progress the fish weren’t a push over.  Though once you got your eye in and focused on a single fish at a time (not that easy when confronted by dozens of dimpling grayling…) the action was as good as it gets.   








~The smiles say it all for Brian as he prepares to release yet another plump Ribnik grayling~














~Bosnian grayling seemed very fond of the Pearly Butt CdC in sizes 18-20