Thursday, 27 September 2012

Bigland Course:


The day might have dawned bright for our stillwater course held at Bigland, but a chilly easterly had all of us reaching for a decent overcoat.  Putting an emphasis on the “fly” in fly fishing we focused on natural insects P1020474and their imitations.  Even this late in the season the likes of damselflies were discovered, which constitute and important part of the trout’s diet.  From there, discussions turned to tackle and the importance of leader set up.  Following a hearty lunch and brush up on casting techniques, participants dispersed to put theory into practice.  Obviously, a niggling breeze pegged back surface activity, calling for nymphs and sunken flies.  That said, trout seemed receptive and Paul Bagshaw “Baggy” quickly found the mark with a colourful imitation… Interestingly, come late afternoon many tempted trout by fishing large dry flies blind, proof that even on a raw autumn day fish are willing to look up.






~Paul Bagshaw “Baggy” with his first fish which had been chomping shrimps deep down~








~Baggy piles on the pressure as another fit rainbow nears his net~