Friday, 23 March 2012

Urban Warfare in downtown Miami:


The Florida Keys might well have a reputation for producing colossal Tarpon, but there’s a whole lot more on offer in the most unlikely of places.  Take the Blue Lagoon in downtown Miami for example.  What with its skyscrapers towering overhead and the din of city life it’s the last place you’d dream of looking to tangle with exotic species.  And yet lurking in a quite corner of Florida’s inland waterways there’s a myriad of fish willing to latch onto fur or feather.  Butterfly Peacock Bass might well have been introduced (legitimately) in 1984 but since then they’ve positively thrived.  An aggressive predator they respond extremely well to all kinds of streamer patterns.  With P1010143guide Alan Zaremba and regular John Machin we set out at dawn to track them down.  A maze of channel ways led us to a series of lakes where this colourful adversary terrorises all manner of baitfish in some pretty quirky places.


~Peacock Bass set up home in the most unlikely places~