Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Beating the Drum:


Redfish go by the other name of “red drum or drum” and whilst they may not boast the sleek lines of bonefish they are without question an excellent sporting fish.  Feeding on worm, shrimp, crabs and small baitfish, in shallow water tails and dorsal fins betray their presence.  We headed into the Everglades searching for tailing fish and found them in abundance.  Spooky they may have P1010519been, yet a carefully placed cast encouraged them to turn and snaffle our flies.  Hooked fish didn’t yield easily so beating them drums took patience and skill.  Of course, we lost our share of fish too…









~A Redfish comes to hand on an inshore lagoon for John~















                 ~Nearly There~








~Drums like this are the pride and joy on Florida flats~