Saturday, 17 March 2012

Opening Day Excitement:


For once Opening Day dawned mild and cloudy (on paper…near perfect conditions).  As ever, I arrived far too early. However, due to the relative warmth, thankfully the Eden’s Large Dark nymph population seemed eager to emerge with action underway by 11.45am.  Call me a purist, but there’s something about nobbling your first trout of a new season using a dry fly.  And with a few fish topping, adopting any other method just didn’t seem right!  Despite the gloomy weather, low clear water called for a patient, stealthy approach to avoid spooking trout.  Once in range a #14 CdC dry found the sweet spot making it difficult for fish to refuse.  Olive duns coming for a good couple of hours and obliging trout made this an Opening Day to remember.


~The first of a new season this butter bellied beauty couldn’t resist~



A Large Dark dun finds sanctuary on top of an otter spraint, an odd place to rest up before your maiden flight…