Friday, 16 September 2011

Food & Drink:


Visiting new destinations brings the opportunity to sample local fare.  All I can say is traditional Bosnian food stands up with the best of them.  And, as for drinks, strong coffee helped kick start us in the morning.  Though come lunchtime a plate of freshly prepared vegetables cooked outside provided energy to battle the Ribnik’s spotted inhabitants.  As for Plivovica (the local plum brandy) this kept us entertained on many an evening.  




  ~Kris Kent (aka The Silverback) enjoying morning coffee~



Claiming it would help give us “maximum concentration”, our host Pedja would insist on supplying us with Plivovica at breakfast for the day a head… Typically English, we decided to stick with strong coffee instead and savour the liquor after a long day by the river.








~Who could say “no” to such freshly prepared food..?~