Monday, 5 September 2011

A day in the Dales


~Clouds can never dampen your spirits in the Dales:




Happy Dales:

Every time I visit the neighbouring Dales, I’m left wondering……how come I left it so long?  The Yorkshire Ure is an iconic trout & grayling river that should be fished by everyone at some stage.  My recent visit might have seen threatening clouds spilling down the dale, but fish responded well to a range of small dry flies. IMG_8699 And whilst good numbers of wild trout where encountered, grayling stole the show for once.  One fish in particular comes to mind…a hefty lump estimated at some 2lb, which eventually spat the hook…bugger!  The consolation came in this fish below.  Ok-so it didn’t register as a 2-pounder, but it’s a damn fine specimen nonetheless.



~Photos by: Rod Calbrade~