Thursday, 1 September 2011

Ivan's the man:

~Now that's what I call a stunning pool~

We fishermen are a breed apart…ask 10 of us what we'd like to do and frankly, you'll receive 20 different answers! With that, imagine what it's like trying to organise 5 mad keen guys intent on leaving no stone unturned in the Pyrenees? Head guide-Ivan Tarin was charged with such a task and believe me, he did sterling work. Several times our game plan changed though generally speaking, things worked out pretty well. Of course, many of our madcap or more ambitious ideas were borne out of the bottom of a whisky tumbler, which might have seemed good at the time, but implementing them later was a different matter. For my money, searching the deep, crystal clear pools of a mountain stream (above) takes some beating. Salvelinus Lodge:


~Ivan extraordinaire~