Sunday, 11 August 2013

Swings and Roundabouts:


Only last week we were enjoying good stints during both the day and evening.  A fickle month though, August often throws in a curve ball, which we know better as “the dog days of summer” when regardless of what you try, the trout just don’t want to play ball.  With the main river out of sorts and long walks between drinks, a recent day saw Matt Eastham and myself tackle a sea of verdant undergrowth. Our destination, a hidden tributary were we hoped to find trout in a more cooperative mood.


Bar the odd B-WO or Autumn Dun, fly life was scarce which reflected in the intermittent rise forms.  However, following a shaky start, we eventually found a few willing takers.  There was the odd cock-up too with those trigger happy tendencies rearing their ugly head causing me to tighten a fraction too soon on a couple of occasions…Sod’s law, it always occurs on a better stamp of fish too!  That said, we sampled enough sport and excitement to make the assault course well worth it.  Fingers crossed, the nights drawing in should soon see a return to daytime hatches of fly and something like more consistent sport.

~Matt successfully prises a decent fish away from menacing willows~









…Fish might not have been on ever corner, but those we found were in good fettle…Matt displays a handsome looking trout taken well away from civilization…







~Another stunner…only a couple of these are needed to make your day~