Friday, 23 August 2013

A bit of a Paradox…?


You’d be forgiven for thinking the above pic had be taken on a fertile chalkstream somewhere in southern England and if I didn’t know better myself, I’d have assumed so too.  Yet the location was Iceland’s northern reaches, which is supposed to be a barren, moonscape where life struggles to cling on, so what’s with the lush looking weed?  Well, in certain situations you’ll discover a wealth of life.  This usually exists close to river banks where nutrients leaching from nearby fields enrich the margins, giving vegetation an opportunity to gain a foot hold.







The contrast between marginal weed and a more barren riverbed of volcanic lava is clearly visible.  Little wonder that fish choose to station themselves close to this verdant band that provides them with perfect cover.





With few trees and trout holding tight in, keeping low when edging forward massively increased your chances of success