Monday, 5 August 2013

A Whiff of the Day Shift…


~A secluded pool where trout can feed undisturbed even on bright, sunny days~

A drastic change in weather has also brought a shift in the trout’s movements too.  Only last week the best of any action seemed restricted to that witching hour, just before dark.  Obviously, a spike of fresh water livened things up when trout felt more comfortable when something like normal flows trundling over their heads.  Granted the evening B-WO carnival could still be enjoyed, but some fish had other ideas about venturing out during daylight hours.



Naturally, hatches of fly were non-existent and any spinners from previous evenings could be found cowering on the underside of broad leaves (right).  Of greater interest were the army of aphids (greenflies) watching over the odd upwinged fly.



The calling card left by these tiny pests is a deposited of honeydew found on a leaf’s upper surface.  This sugary secretion is visible as a waxy sheen (left) easily seen at distance.  And where branches reach across a pool then trout will gather to pick off any unfortunate aphids that inadvertently take a tumble!



Generally, it pays to copy the dominant food source of fish and where aphids are concerned a miniscule imitation is often vital.  However, trout sipping down dot like aphids occasionally have eyes for something that bit more meaty, especially when your presentation is on song.  An unassuming fly is more likely to score too, a little black number like the All Purpose Terrestrial (APT) seen firmly planted in the scissors of this trout (left) is my first choice these days.



~Even solid trout will turn to aphids…this beauty had got tucked-up under sycamore tree and fell for the APT first chuck~P1050263