Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Watch out, cuda about…


Poling the flats isn’t necessarily all about chasing bonefish as never far away will be their nemesis the barracuda.  Granted, one of the principle food sources for cuda might be needlefish but they rarely turn down the chance of bonefish, especially if these happen to be tethered to a fishermen’s fly line.  Whilst picking my way across a flat with guide Pabalo (right), we ran into a rogue cuda that snaffled two bonefish during the fight.  Somewhat bemused and muttering Spanish expletives under his breath, Pabalo suggested a throw with a cuda fly.  Having let things settle down, we managed to locate the problem creature which promptly nailed my green/white baitfish pattern.  And with cuda in a taking mode, we tempted two more later that day.





~Armed with rows of teeth, cuda fishing calls for a wire trace~





…This cuda couldn’t resist a flash 2/0 fly ripped past its nose…