Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Tarpon Time:


~James Warbrick-Smith hangs on as a tarpon bolts towards the mangroves~

The last few days have seen tarpon switch into aggressive feeding mode.  In fact, it seemed wherever we went in Ascension Bay, we found tarpon crashing into shoals of baitfish.  Such opportunities should never be squandered when most of the group neglected their bonefish rods in favour of 10-weight outfits to tangle with the silver king.  Hilary and Steve Langan were first to score then it was the turn of James Warbrick-Smith and myself.  Naturally, mangrove tarpon rarely reach the status of their huge ocean going cousins, but fish between 10 and 30lb aren’t to be sniffed at as they certainly pull your string…  





A nice tarpon takes to the air as it nears our skiff






~Steve Langan (The Doc) with his first tarpon of the trip~