Thursday, 22 November 2012

Predators still active:


~Mexican guide Alex displays a fine snook which snaffled my size 2 cockroach fly~

A persistent northerly might have seen fewer than normal bonefish wandering onto sandy flats, but one plus side is that predatory fish have been hunting on most days when low tides prevented them from hiding under mangrove roots.  With few places to shelter both snook and tarpon took to the flats in search of small fish, crabs and even shrimps.  Good news then for our party who have taken their fair share of fish.P1020697


A bite tippet of some 50lb is needed when chasing snook or tarpon as their hard, abrasive mouths can easily fray monofilament (left).

~Glyn Henry with his first tarpon taken from a small lagoon and although not a giant by tarpon standards, damn good fun on an 8-weight outfit~