Sunday, 25 November 2012

Storms Brewing:


So far, we’ve been blessed with a fair amount of sunny days which is what saltwater anglers pray for.  However, news reached us that storm fronts were heading our way bringing with them annoying cloud and heavy downpours.  Yet, even during this nasty weather our guides put us on fish.  Admittedly, sometimes this involved waiting in ambush at the many channels and gullies which fish used as highways to move from lagoon to lagoon or flat to flat.  And whilst blind casting might not be considered your typical flats fishing it turns up a variety of species including; bonefish, tarpon, ladyfish, cuda, snappers and members of the jack family.

Mex 10 014





~Rain loaded clouds like this made spotting on the flats almost impossible~







Adding to his tally of bonefish, snook and tarpon, Chris Hartley nailed this fine jack from shoal that passed through a narrow channel on a day of sunshine and showers