Saturday, 13 August 2011

~A sycamore loaded with greenfly~

~This #20 imitation should do the trick~

Blue Winged-Olives & Greenfly abound:

Now, where did the last 4 months go...? I know, fishing and generally mucking about by the river! Lately, we've been treated to modest hatches of BW-Os which have occurred through the afternoon and early evening. Yet, come prime time at last knocking there's been little in the way of any concerted fly life. Greenfly too are currently enjoying an increase. Bad news for gardeners I know, but our native trout love 'em! Of course, dealing with such situations demands a rethink in tackle, involving a scaled down fly. Many shy anyway from diminutive patterns, but believe me they can be worth their weight in gold when trout busy themselves feasting on these tiny pests.


~A male BW-O spinner in all his glory~