Thursday, 25 August 2011

~Edging into the mouth of a Canyon~

A spot of rock hopping:

Gary Penning and Martyn Taylor didn't know what they'd signed up for when they first tackled a Pyrenees canyon. What's involved here is you enter a river canyon and fish your way upstream until the other end is reached. This pretty much means scrambling over rocks and boulders in your waders, not easy in warm weather. However, under the watchful eye of head guide-Ivan Tarin, both of them embraced the experience to fight another day and better still, a few zebra trout were encountered on the way. Though it did more than put an edge on their appetite. just as well, we had a table full of goodies waiting for them!


~Handsome trout are the rewards of Canyon fishing~

~Rock scrambling requires a hearty meal by the river~