Friday, 26 August 2011

~(L to R) Paul Bagshaw, Colin Stevens and Ivan Tarin survey a pool~

All eyes on the evening rise:

With day time temperatures rocketing to 39 degrees centigrade, not surprisingly fly hatches were suppressed. In fact, on low lying rivers much of the day slipped by as I searched for rising trout. Those prepared to fish a nymph or streamer fared better though come evening time, I was in my element. Now those pools and riffles seemed to heave with fish, all keen to feed on emerging upwings and caddis which took advantage of more comfortable conditions. Aside from some pretty impressive trout, we found barbel in a willing mood too. Recognised as a fish that grubs along streambeds for food these could even be tempted up with a carefully presented dry fly and the pull!


~This solid barbel fell to an elk hair caddis~