Monday, 29 August 2011

A day to remember:

~All smiles as Paul Bagshaw strikes out for a distant stream~ do we get down there...?~


~Salvelinus guide-Roman searches for the killing fly~


Rugby players pride themselves in being fit, burly blokes and Paul Bagshaw (Baggy) is no different. However the true test of a man, is an uphill battle carrying a backpack in blistering heat. That is according to guide-Roman of course, who was intent on walking the legs off Paul and myself. In fairness the trek in didn't seem too bad, probably due to our excited, giddy mood at fishing off the beaten track. Then came the descent, into a narrow, canyon gorge, hundreds of feet below. In truth, abseiling would have been a better option, but no, we did it the old fashion way. Once we'd assembled our rods, it was onwards and upwards. What's uncanny, is how much ground you cover when you're enjoying yourself. Up and up we went as each pool held more promise than the last. Brook trout were our quarry which seemed elusive at first, but come the afternoon they were kind to us and boy, what stunning fish. After scrambling up a series of cascades the stream shrank to a pathetic trickle and yet still we found fish. The novelty of tempting trout in such a place fuelled us further until light stopped play....then came the walk out. Granted it had been a long day, but one that will remain in the memory for all the right reasons!


~Cascades brought many rewards~

~Wee beauties like this made it a day to remember~

~Yes, we encountered trout in this trickle~