Wednesday, 24 August 2011

~The boys fuel up for a busy first day~

A drive in the dark:

Due to our flight time, we arrived in the Pyrenees under the cover of darkness. And despite telling the boys the scenery was stunning hereabouts, none of them believed me as we strained to keep our eyes open during the wee small hours. However, come morning and fully charged off a proper breakfast at Salvelinus Lodge, we disappeared into the hills. I spent the first day with Colin Stevens and Paul Bagshaw (below). Now Colin, who has daftness and kindness in abundance (though I'm not sure in which order....?) kept us entertained as we negotiated the narrow mountain pass. These high altitude peaks are a perilous place for many creatures where an unfortunate animal that lost its footing provided a welcome breakfast for circling vultures. Following this spectacle, we headed across the pass in search of spotted gold!


~Colin Stevens (left) and Paul Bagshaw (right) prepare for battle~

~Nothing goes to waste in the Spanish Pyrenees~