Friday, 24 September 2010

~Webbed feet and five toes points to otters~

Up and Down:

Cumbria has suffered its fair share of rainfall this last week and consequently river levels have constantly fluctuated, making it tough to pin down a day. Albeit high and carrying colour, a few hours on the Eden one afternoon saw a handful of trout come to hand. Although a nymph was perhaps the better choice, I searched out pool tails where the odd rising trout could be found. a size 14 CdC dry did me proud and most of my catch consisted of trout rather than grayling. Judging by the signs, otters have been active of late, preying on crayfish. Poland beckons once more and with my trusty laptop, updates should be posted throughout the trip. Fingers crossed, we won't experience snow this year..........


~The remains of an otter kill, our native white clawed crayfish~