Friday, 17 September 2010

~Thirsty work this fishing......!~

Bosnia in the Mist (part 4):

I'd like to report that on our final day we were up with the lark and down by the Ribnik at first light. However, since upwinged flies didn't start emerging until a tad after 10am there really wasn't any need to rush. Better still the hatch we experienced was simply one of the best I've seen. And, with a thick blanket of duns drifting past, our biggest hurdle was maintaining focus to target individual rise forms. I can't remember how many fish we caught that final day, all I know is everybody had a great time and we eventually dragged ourselves from the water just before 5pm. Weary, yet extremely happy, we popped into a riverside cafe to discuss the events over a beer, we're already planning a return visit for September 2011. Anyone who is interested should contact myself or Mat McHugh:


~We had a great taxi service back to the lodge-after a beer or three!~