Wednesday, 15 September 2010

~On paper dense mist is not the best of conditions.........!~

~Steve Grimes checks his knots before making those initial casts~

Bosnia in the Mist (part 2):

Mike Collins and I looked in horror as a thick layer of mist carpeted the river Ribnik., both of us grumbling to each other on how such conditions aren't conducive to good sport back home. Yet here, it seems both upwinged flies and fish are happy to continue their daily routine-good news for us then. By 10.30am the first morning, pale wateries were hatching in vast numbers and that satisfying slurping noise of rising trout could be heard all around us. Of course, a wealth of fly littering the surface made for challenging sport, as fish could pick and choose what they ate. Presentation was the key, when total drag free drifts were required to tempt either trout or grayling.

~Mike Collins finds early success despite the cold mist~

~Mike steers another Ribnik Brown Trout to hand~