Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Touch ‘n Go:


Eager to get out and see if the weekend hatches weren’t just a one off, a day of blustery showers really didn’t promise much.  Repeated heavy downpours (right) laced with hailstones dropped temperatures by several degrees, which in my book isn’t conducive to good fly hatches.  And when the magical hour of activity well passed, I was beginning to get worried.  As Ephemerids often do they kept me waiting until gone 2 o’clock…nine minutes past to be exact… With Olive Uprights and Iron Blues bursting into life the trout went positively nuts, treating me to a good 3 hours of intense action.  The often blustery wind that hindered casting also flattened countless duns which became easy pickings for stationed trout.





~First of the day, a fit looking fish~










…The squally conditions kept knocking both Olive Upright and Iron Blues onto their sides.  Swamped at the surface these duns became easy pickings for trout… 







The Iron Blue Cul (IBC) accounted for the bulk of my haul though any trout which snubbed this would usually be tempted up to an Olive Upright imitation