Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Bank Holiday (Iron) Blues…


Bank Holidays are notorious for throwing nasty weather as us and whilst the wind blew, come May Day a light breeze stroked the surface.  Initially, a belt of decent cloud provided enough cover for a flurry of Iron Blue Duns to hatch.  These inky black ephemerids remain a favourite of mine, which seem to be increasing in northern regions.  With duns littering the surface, time to try a new pattern.  Thankfully, those trout sipping down flies were quick onto the concoction of mole’s fur and CdC, giving us a good couple of hours of top drawer dry fly sport.  By early afternoon though a blazing sun burnt off cloud bringing a halt to the hatch.  Though a careful bit of scrutiny revealed the odd fish still prepared to feed and picking our way upstream, we managed several trout to 2lb plus.




~This solid lump snaffled the IBS first cast~











…Another victim to the the IBS…







Iron Blue Cul (IBC):

Hook: Partridge Spider #16

Thread: Danville’s Flymaster 6/0 claret

Body: Mole’s fur

Rib: Danville’s Flymaster 6/0 wine (claret) thread

Wing: Natural CdC (2 plumes)

~A tad scruffy this little tinker had tangled with several trout during a sparse hatch of Iron Blue Duns. That marriage of claret thread and mole’s fur gives a wonderful translucent and segmented effect when wet~