Monday, 27 May 2013

At last…Black Gnats…


Given a normal spring, we’d generally expect to see black gnats about the third week of April…the 26th to be precise.  This season however, things are a week or three behind.  Some welcome sunshine over the last few days have at last encouraged black gnats to stretch their wings (right).  At times, thousands of naturals littered the water, making it vital to a; knot on an appropriate imitation and b; deliver it accurately.  I had the pleasure of guiding Mark Whitmarsh who quickly got to grips with several gnat feeding trout. 







~Keeping a low profile by kneeling, Mark winkled out a basket of trout from surprisingly thin water~









~Happy as a sandboy, Whitters displays a solid wild trout well over 2lb and his best of the day~