Wednesday, 22 December 2010

~An Infant Permit...........Stunning~
Little & Large:

Now, I know many of you think I'm not wired right, as permit really don't do it for me. Despite this I can be persuaded to go in search of these illusive if not downright moody creatures. And occasionally, things happen to fall into place. The baby permit above actually snaffled my fly before a huge bonefish.....not that I complained. However the fish below were sighted and cast to. Believe me, when you see permit like this tailing on a flat "buck fever" sets in. I now understand why you need at least 250 yards of backing on a reel, as their initial run beggars belief. We were very fortunate to interact with permit every single day of our visit, proof that above all else, Ascension Bay truly is a permit destination.

~My best to date, a huge permit in anybodies book~
(note the size of the eye.....)

~Jonathan with a decent permit~