Monday, 20 December 2010

~A handful of teeth....!~

Underrated Barracudas:

Wade across any bonefish flat and chances are you'll soon come across the menacing shape of a barracuda. And although needlefish are their common prey they're more than happy to snap up mullet and even bonefish. Many people pass them up, but believe me these fearsome creatures make for some of the most exciting fishing you can ever wish to experience. Firstly, they strike with lightening fast speed, before sprinting off at a rate of knots. Chances are they will then start tail-walking in a bid to shed the hook. Better still, Cudas are often in a feeding mood and because of their sheer size, are relatively east to spot, even during poor light. From now on, I'll always have a rod set up with a wire trace and baitfish imitation.


~An impressive set of gnashers~

~The remains of my fly following a single encounter~