Friday, 10 December 2010

~Guides need to adopt a stealthy poling approach during low water~

Low water brings out the Snook:

Whilst everyone bangs on about potential sport during a rising tide, fishing at low water has its benefits too. Not least the chance to get on terms with secretive Snook. These impressive ambush predators can easily melt away into the mangroves at high tide. Yet, come the ebb they're pushed out of their hidey holes. Now, cruising the margins, it's possible to target them using small streamers and baitfish imitations. Steve Langan (The Doc) and I had an interesting day chasing such fish. Admittedly, we'd started our adventure in search of permit, but things weren't working out, so quick to revise our plans, we went in search of Snook and were duly rewarded.


~Guide-Phillip and the Doc with a good looking Snook~