Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Trigger Happy:


Whilst hunting permit one day, we got side tracked by triggerfish tailing over turtle grass. Granted these humble fish might not be as desirable as bonefish, tarpon or permit, but they’re damn good fun on light tackle.  Triggerfish are also very tolerant, especially if you’re walking the flats, which means that numerous cast can be made without alarming them. Designed to slip into shallow water on their sides they might not match the acceleration of more torpedo shaped species like bonefish.  However, they remain tenacious beasts that never stop pulling, a bit like a freight train… Given this, we were happy to chase triggers where and when!






With hard mouths and crushing teeth for devouring crabs, triggers can be tricky when it comes to setting a hook.  A very firm strip strike is required if you’re to experience success.






Crabs might well be their principal prey, but triggers will just as readily gobble up shrimps which is why our homer Shrimpson scored