Saturday, 23 November 2013

Predators like Storms…


Casa Viejo Chac guide Chucho clutching a spanking mangrove tarpon I winkled out on a 1/0 cockroach fly


The reason for coming to Ascension Bay is to avoid nasty weather back home!  Yet, against the rub of the green this season has seen unprecedented storms, which has a telling effect on fish.  Thankfully though the predators seem hungrier than ever and remained active to give us tremendous sport over the last few days.  In particular tarpon and snook have been our main focus, but plenty of barracuda and sharks latched onto our flies too.  Consequently, we’re now in a dilemma as to whether we want those lazy summer days so evocative of this part of the world to return…

P1020217Pete Eville displays a cracking snook (one of many) that we ambushed as they sidled along the edges on mangrove channels in search of sardines


We found plenty of cuda too which are in an aggressive mood at the moment, so much so that this beast latched onto my shrimp pattern intended for bonefish.  Heaven knows how it never sliced through the 10lb tippet with gnashers like that!