Friday, 8 June 2012

Wild Trout Trust:


The great and the good gathered in Appleby, Cumbria last weekend to attend the WTT AGM.  Obviously, most discussions centred around habitat improvement, insects and trout recruitment.  Thankfully there was also room for more light hearted, informal talks.  Along with Stuart Crofts, I earned my supper by giving such a presentation.  Sadly, Stuart couldn’t sign off until his after dinner speech which was well received.  It was then down to some serious banter over a beer or three!  Despite any number of opinions on how best to winkle out trout, all agreed that anyone pursuing them really ought to support the Trust:




~Stuart Crofts gesticulating as only a Yorkshireman can~






The day before saw WTT Research Officer Peter Hayes (below) and myself pestering a few trout on nearby Eden.  The cruel easterly might well have kept fly hatches pinned back, but we found a few willing takers to dry flies'.  Like myself, Peter’s not shy when it comes to casting at fish-if that’s what you call “research” then count me in…

PH Eden fish