Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Bumper Hatches:

Olive Upright nymphs

It’s not often you get to witness multiple species of fly hatching at once.  First up, several things including water height, temperature, wind strength, cloud cover, etc. etc all need to slot into place.  Then of course we actually have to time our visit Olive Upright 2accordingly, which is down to pure luck rather than good judgement as we don’t really understand the exact criteria that prompts bugs to emerge.  Though when it does occur, scores of mature nymphs make for the surface all at once. Despite unsettled conditions, I was fortune to enjoy a couple of days when Iron Blues, Olive Uprights, March Browns and to a lesser extend Large Dark Olives carpeted the water.  Of course, the trout went bananas when more notable trout could be tempted using dry flies-the stuff dreams are made of…

~An absolute pearler taken during the mythical multi-hatch~

PP (22)