Thursday, 17 March 2011

~The menacing shape of a hooked cuda~

~Guide-William clutches a decent fish~

Barracuda on the Rampage:

Returning home from NZ, I pretty much winged it back to Ascension Bay-Mexico. Internet coverage out there was fairly none existent, hence why no posts of late. Anyway, good friend Tony Riley and I dropped onto a nest of Barracuda and boy where they active. It all started when a rampaging cuda carved up a bonefish I was playing. Somewhat annoyed, I was soon back wielding a 10wt and large streamer pattern. Thankfully the cuda was still hungry and snaffled my fly without a second glance. No to be out done, Tony wanted some of the action too. Hat's of to guides William and Tara who dealt with the snapping jaws of fish up close (rather them than me.....). With all the fun, suddenly our day chasing bonefish had turned into a predator hunt.


~This is the beast that snaffled my bonefish~

~Tony gets a slice of the action too~