Monday, 7 February 2011

~It might be raining, but we're going fishing.......!~

~Mark Irvine fishes the margins of a small lake~

Rain doesn't stop play!

So far we've endured raging gales and somewhat persistent rain. Though a tropical storm swept over us last night and caused many waters to rise. Whilst such streams and rivers might be our main focus, lakes should not be overlooked. We managed to find a couple of shallow lakes which afforded reasonable sight fishing (cloud cover was always there to scupper our plans...). Mark Irvine latched into a huge fish, only to lose it in play. Then it was my turn when a fit trout seized my #14 beetle pattern. With weedbeds nearby, I had to apply a fair amount of pressure. Fortunately the hook held though did suffer some reshaping! Thankfully, the rivers are dropping and it should be business as usual tomorrow.

~A solid lake trout taken on dry fly~

~This hook got opened out on the fish above~