Friday, 1 October 2010

~Liam Spencer and Peter Marshall striking out on the San~

San smiles on us:

Despite a slow start, our week on the San has seen the fishing improve no end. Obviously, overcast conditions (perfect for upwinged hatches) have encouraged countless BWOs to emerge. Consequently, as each day passes, more and more fly appearred on the water. Be it a dry fly presented with care, or a brace of spiders drifted to nebbing fish, we're enjoyed some top drawer sport with San trout and grayling. Even some of the more elusive larger fish are being tempted up with quality trout taken by most of the group. During the evenings we're busy tying flies, fuelled by the occasional beer or two.........


~A solid San brown trout taken on a #18 paradun~

~A setting sun concludes another eventful day on the San~