Monday, 19 October 2009

~Tackling Up~

First Day:

The San river in Poland flows from the Carpathian Mountains and boasts some of the finest fly hatches known to man. So it was with a degree of anticipation we tackled up on the first morning of a recent trip. Above, the boys discuss tactics and flies on a typical Autumn morning.

~Richard prepares lunch~

The clean Polish air certainly puts an edge on your appetite, especially following a couple of hours wading in cold water. Our guide Richard was a dab hand with the griddle and rustled up some traditional Polish sausage-delicious. Funny how wafting smoke summons everyone from afar... Wedged between fresh bread this meal certainly kept the wolf from the door.

~Autumnal Colours~

Ancient woodlands in South East Poland mainly consist of deciduous trees, resulting in a spectacualar fiery show at this time of year. A watery sun helped lifted these colours, making it a pleasant experience as we awaited the first BW-O duns to emerge.