Saturday, 26 March 2011

~Buzzing through the mangroves-heading for bonefish flats~

~Gently does it-wading to tailing bonefish~

The Wonders of Wade Fishing:

Wade fishing allows you to get up close to this fascinating wilderness where you experience the daily struggles of nature. Quietly stalking sandy shorelines and unspoilt shallows was perhaps the highlight of my recent trip to Ascension Bay. Granted, none of the bonefish we caught would classify as record breakers, but this type of fishing unfolds up close, right before your very eyes. Here, it's possible to see fish tilt down and inhale your fly. Afterwards, a late lunch on the shores of a secluded tropical island rounded the day off nicely. We're back in November 2011 and during this month we generally find the bonefish in full swing. Interested parties should contact me:


~Mission accomplished~

~A great place for lunch~