Sunday, 16 February 2014

Take me Higher…


Having spent a couple of days poking around lowland rivers, we were keen to get up in the high country where you’re surrounded by vast tussock plains and towering mountains (right).  Such vistas offer little in the way of a backdrop, so clear skies are essential for spotting trout.  Our plans couldn’t have been timed better as a high pressure system had parked itself over NZ’s South Island for some 3 days.  With trout sitting out on soft shoulders or gravel bars and prepared to eat our dry fly imitations the fishing we experienced was best described as top drawer.  Fingers crossed this weather might just hold for an extra day or so!

When conditions come good, High Country rivers offer some of the most spectacular surroundings you could ever wish for…the fishing isn't bad either






High Country trout tend to grow large and are therefore highly prized