Thursday, 12 December 2013

Tried & Tested:


~Tarpon Bunnies look the business dressed on a Partridge Stinger hook~

Prior to our annual saltwater jaunt in Ascension Bay, a small range of flies were fashioned on the new Partridge Stinger hook.  Forged from quality carbon steel, razor sharp with a nice upturned hook point, on paper the Stinger ticks all the right boxes.  However, how would it fair out in the field?  Well, having tangled with tarpon, snook, barracuda and sharks the Stinger came out well and truly on top.  It possess amazing strength and didn’t budge an inch,even when angry jack crevalle charged off to the horizon.  To avoid rust, some would argue that all saltwater hooks should be stainless steel.  Though after using carbon steel, a quick rinse under the tap prevents corrosion from setting in, so no harm done.  Besides they tend to hold their edge for longer too and any sign of bluntness is easily addressed with a stroke of a hook hone.  Problem is now, I’ll have to revise my predator box so all my favourites are dressed on the Stinger! 

When comes to battling feisty fish with, few hooks cut the mustard as well as the Stinger