Saturday, 12 October 2013

Mother of all Hatches:

Our recent trip to Bosnia climaxed with an incredible couple of days when hatches of Blue-Winged Olives literally went off the scale (above).  Mark Irvine, Mita Balaban and myself found a length of water where B-WOs duns stretched from bank to bank.  Rather than guide, I invited Mita to fish, as it’s not everyday you experience such a phenomenon.  With the hatch lasting some four hours we made absolute pigs of ourselves and why not…?  Of course, it wasn’t all roses round the door, with so many naturals about the trout and grayling had a PhD in detecting any impostor. Though a little patience and perseverance usually meant you got your fish and boy, we had some thumping grayling.







~Good friend Mark Irvine displays a lump of a grayling, which he tempted using a #18 F Fly~














It would have been unfair to ask Mita Balaban to sit this one out…he scored quickly too, again a #18 CdC pattern did the trick








…Minutes later and I’m in…Bosnian grayling are truly stunning creatures…