Sunday, 29 September 2013

The Boys strike Gold:


The Ribnik has treated us to some very special days when B-WOs emerged like no tomorrow.  Best of all the whole group tangled with decent sized grayling with specimens topping 2lb.  And whilst these fish are technically “European Grayling” they exhibit a rich golden hue, unlike those found closer to home.  First to strike was Paul Mercer (right), he even managed to raise a smile for the camera…grumpy old sod… Next up was Brian Garner, who tangled with several notable fish.  Then Mark Whitmarsh, Paul Maxwell and Pete Legge got amongst them.  Best of all though they all scored using dry flies.  And whilst identifying fly life couldn’t have been easier, presenting your imitation totally drag free was perhaps our greatest challenge.

Brian Garner contemplates the best way to address rising fish on a mirror like surface which afforded grayling an age to deliberate on whether to take your fly or not…?

P1010365 P1010376 



With B-WOs hatching on most afternoons, we relied heavily on the Pearly butt Shuttlecock to charm Bosnian grayling




Once you landed your prize, you could only marvel at the exquisite golden hues found on their flanks…picture postcard stuff!