Thursday, 6 June 2013

Bits n Bobs…


Recently, more settled weather has encouraged many of our flies and bugs to stretch their wings.  Admittedly, nature is a week or two behind, but the last 10 days or so have seen a diverse number of fly flitting about that in turn had trout looking up for longer periods.  The first of our fabled Mayfly have appeared (above) and close on their heels were decent falls of black gnat too.  More obscure findings include the Gravel Bed Fly, a gangly-legged terrestrial that’s not too common.  However, trout love ‘em where they occur.  Then there’s Large Brook Duns (LBDs) that some claim fish rarely bother with…my local trout population have different thoughts!  Yes the bulk of LBD nymphs might well haul out of water to emerge, yet breezy conditions soon see them crashing back to the surface.




…Large Brook Duns, represent a decent meal and are popular with trout in my neck of the woods…









…The humble Black Gnat has appeared in hordes to send our trout daft…











~Gravel Bed Flies might not be that common, but trout relish them where they occur~