Thursday, 30 May 2013

Uprights & Gnats…

Olive Upright 1

It’s been a strange few days on the rivers.  Monday saw heavy rain and masses of Olive Uprigths (right), which tempted fish to the surface.  Tuesday and Wednesday were dull with a chilly northerly wind.  As expected, Uprights showed up on cue, but joining them were Black Gnats by the bucket load, odd given max air temps of only 12oC and persistent drizzle.  Anyway, I for one wasn’t complaining as these welcome terrestrials turned the heads of some pretty substantial trout.




Initially, trout like this beauty were in the offing as they wolfed down Olive Uprights








A lone black gnat amounts to nothing, yet a whole army of them can make the trout go berserk…




…This bruiser accepted a tiny size 16 black gnat imitation before towing me around the pool…