Saturday, 19 May 2012

Spates bring success:


Up north we’ve been experiencing endless bouts of rain.  So much so that at times it’s been difficult to get near a river.  That said, such replenishment seems to have benefited countless upwinged species which are now hatching in abundance,  Currently, we’re enjoying good flushes of Olive Uprights, Iron Blues, Large Brook Duns and one of the “unidentifiable” Medium Olive family.  Not that the trout care one jot what species they’re chomping, all they want is an honest, easy to catch meal.  Thankfully the cold, damp weather has hampered emerging flies, keeping them stuck to the surface for longer.  Knowing this, once a hatch gets underway, some fairly hefty trout have taken up station and gorged themselves.  I happened to find such a trout sipping down duns and following some rather tentative moments the net finally folded around a massive, if not defiant fish.  Paul~







~Glued to the surface this Large Brook Dun is certain to end up as trout fodder~






~5lb plus of pure wild brown trout, it doesn’t get any better~