Sunday, 30 January 2011

~Easy does it-casting to a big trout holding in shallow water~

~The first fish always calms your nerves~

The Big Boys are looking up:

Cloudy weather has plagued us for days now. And because bright weather equals good spotting conditions, imagine our excitement to see a couple of sunny days on the horizon. Guide Steve Carey couldn't have timed his days off better. With that we winged it up to one of New Zealand's fabled trout rivers the Oreti. A long walk put us on some remote water where we were rewarded with a string of thumping trout. Better still, I managed to tempt all of them on various dry flies. Of course there were a few stubborn fish, but overall we enjoyed sensational fishing....


~Steve Carey charmed this Oreti stunner~

~This bruiser beat me up during a hard fight~