Friday, 11 June 2010

~A large red spinner found resting close to the river~

Spinners Galore:

Bosnian rivers are famed for their fly hatches and we were fortunate enough to experience these in their full glory. Mating spinners filled the air from early afternoon and come evening time, egg-laying females returned to the water. These were fairly impressive creatures, best imitated on size 10 hook. Obviously, I wasn't armed with such a pattern though ace fly tier and Bosnian International fly fisher Alex Djukic came well prepared with his vice and some unusally materials. Tying flies by the stream to suggest what you've just seen really encapsulates what fly fishing is all about. I'm happy to report, Alex's flies worked a treat as darkness fell.


~Alex Djukic weaving his magic on the banks of the Pliva~
~As darkness descended trout could be found rising along the Pliva margins~