Saturday, 19 December 2009

~Almost in the net~ (photo Rod Calbrade)

Bessy Beck delivers the goods:

The current arctic blast has had us all cranking up the central heating. And following recent snow, it seemed only the foolhardy would venture out (apparently, where there's no sense, there's no feeling..). With lunchtime temperatures clawing up to a heady minus 2 degrees centigrade you could say that conditions were somewhat chilly on recent visit to Bessy Beck. Thankfully, aerators prevented the fishery from freezing over though ice continually formed in my rod rings, making casting and retrieving line a task in itself. Fortunately the trout didn't seem to mind and even a light midge hatch encouraged a few fish to the surface. Although lures initially helped in locating them, it wasn't long before buzzers and other nymphs tempted some hard fighting trout. Despite numbing hands we experienced blistering sport with a number of well conditioned rainbow trout. I'd recommend this venue for those wishing to blow away the festive cobwebs.


~A winter rainbow bids for freedom~ (photo Rod Calbrade)

~A solid rainbow from Bessy Beck~(R Calbrade)